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A platform for those who believe in God and strive for a higher moral authority in our nation. We recognize the urgent need for a collective consciousness of moral values and are committed to positive change.

Our focus is on introducing non-denominational prayer in public schools nationwide. Picture the students, led by their teachers, reciting a simple universal prayer each morning for unity and moral grounding:

"Almighty God, who is aware of His creation, who keeps it going and judges it, please have mercy on us."

To support this cause, we've made it easy for you to voice your opinion. Engage with your state legislators using our crafted letter template, expressing your desire for a non-denominational prayer in public schools.

Use our template to send personalized letters, urging state officials to back this initiative, electronically or through traditional mail. While email is convenient, printing and mailing the letter adds strength to your conviction and highlights your commitment to a moral awakening!

Remember, each letter sent is a significant step toward positive change. We believe the current US Supreme Court will uphold the establishment of a truly non-denominational prayer in public schools. Together, we can profoundly impact our society's conscience, paving the way for a brighter and morally grounded future.

Let's work together to heal our nation!

Italian Trulli
Dear representative,
I write as a concerned citizen who believes in the importance of nurturing moral values in our youth. Recent times have seen a decline in the awareness of a higher moral authority, contributing to rising crime and violence.
To address this, we propose introducing a daily non-denominational prayer in public schools, emphasizing belief in a Supreme Being. This prayer, recited by students together led by their teachers each morning, would promote unity and moral grounding:
"Almighty G-d, who is aware of His creation, who keeps it going, and judges it, please have mercy on us."
State law should allow a teacher in public school to voluntarily say a non- denominational prayer with their students each morning. Students, or parents of students, who don’t want to participate will be excused. However, we strongly disagree with any attempt to introduce a denominational prayer or religious exercise because it creates divisiveness.
In conclusion, let us rekindle belief in a Supreme Being in our youth, fostering a compassionate and harmonious society. Let us Heal the Nation.
Thank you for your consideration.

*The name of God is intentionally incomplete in respect for the Creator should the letter be placed in the trash.


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